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Cans with the lid pressed in a ring are a kind of package that has been tested within many years, reliable and suitable for all kinds of paint-and-varnish products. This type of package is used not only in DIY stores of building materials, but also in professional sphere. Many construction details of such cans have been constantly updated in accordance with changing features of the materials to be filled aiming to provide maximum usage comfort.
Our wares from tin plate are the best package for high-grade varnishes and paints, and also they are hermetic containers for transporting any of your products. We offer cans with the lid pressed in a ring and with a plastic portioner that are in the greatest demand at the market – namely, cans of different volumes of 99 mm and 155 mm in diameter. You can choose container construction that will as much as possible correspond to the specific needs of your company, both for various paint-and-varnish materials, oils, liquid glues, high-volative chemical products and great number of other products.

Application of the quality and reliable can with a plastic portioner is intended for multiple use of wide range of ready-made products: oils, liquid glues, high-volative chemical products and many other ones. 

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