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We are the first CIS plant that mastered and began production of metal containers of exclusive type for paint-and-varnish materials. We mastered this innovative type of packing because its uniqueness gives our Customers an opportunity to distinguish their products from the great number of similar ones in a good light, to make them recognizable and easy-to-remember. The opinion about a product can be formed due to its packing not only during purchasing and opening of the product but also during its usage - whether it is convenient or not to use the product.
We offer cans of exclusive form and of two universal sizes - 1,0 L and 1,1 L that replace the great number of ordinary cylindrical cans with 99 mm in diameter. Our cans are manufactured on fully-automatic equipment, the special type of can being obtained by the method of treatment on multiposition automatic expanders. The special blocking lock on a lid in the form of a "banana chainlet" as well as plastisol increase can tightness that allows to use it for storing highly fluid materials.
Advantages of conical cans:
  • the 60% place economy during storage and transportation as compared to cylindrical ones;
  • simplicity of cans’ filling and using while dispensing;
  • reliability of corking is provided by the special lock system on a lid and on a can;
  • high tightness is achieved due to a plastisol sealing gasket on a lid;
  • possibility of complete use of the can content;
  • nice-looking and durable welded joint of 0,6-0,7 mm in breadth;
  • original exclusive appearance;
  • the enforcement rib on the can body resists to lateral pressing;
  • possibility of individual internal can varnishing;
  • possibility of printed image application on the lid. 

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