Main Production Buckets

For dispensing paint-and-varnish materials not only small containers are used. At a building market, containers of 2,5 L to 5,0 L in volume with a "Master" lid and a metal handle are widely used. Among their advantages are comfort while usage and transportation due to the handle and total content extraction.

The buckets produced by our company are containers of conical shape with one enforcement rib. Every bucket has a metal handle made of the zinc-coated wire of 2,7 mm in diameter, for moving comfort. Buckets are supplied in a complete set with the "Master" type lid. The lid is tightened with a gasket made of packing paste that resists to all types of solvents. This gasket increases the container’s tightness and allows to keep any type of solvents in it. The lid is insured against unassisted opening during transportation by a specially formed lock. The bottom is rolled twice on the sidewall and tightened with a gasket made of packing paste.
The main feature of the buckets is their dimension types. The bottom diameter is 155,5 mm and that allows to make a laying out on a shelf in trading space of some positions more than standard buckets with the bottom diameter of 172 mm allow (see a picture with a laying out on a shelf). That, in turn, gives you an advantage due to a greater presence of your products on the shelves as compared to the products in standard buckets of the same volume.
Inner and outer surfaces of containers can be processed by anticorrosive lacquer coating. If the Customer wishes, a multicoloured lithographic image of any complication level can be applied on the outer surface of the bucket and lid.

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